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Alexis Bishop – Content Creator

Hey everyone! My name is Lex Leigh. I’m a former educator and current writer with several years of experience under my belt. Since I was a kid, I’ve cared for lots of animals including cats, dogs, birds, lizards, turtles, and fish. My favorites were always the aquatic ones, especially turtles!

Nowadays, I live at home with my dog Sookie, my cats Norman, Dimples, and Chani, and my tortoise Gilbert. When I’m not exploring a local zoo or aquarium, you can find me cooking, gaming, or at a concert.

You can contact me via my email at Lex.Leigh@snugaquarium.net or via this form below.  

Eric – Editor and Content Creator!

My name is Eric and I’m the co-owner and editor of Snug Aquarium. Aquarium is one of my hobbies since I was little, I love taking care of animals around me, especially pretty fishes.

That’s why I’ve created this site to share my understanding and experience during this journey. Together with my online marketing skills, I will try to bring this knowledge to as many people/readers as possible.

You can contact me via my email at eric@snugaquarium.net or via this form below.  

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