What’s The Most Common FUNNY Goldfish Name? (BOY AND GIRL)

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Goldfish make lovely little pets. But pets need names, and sometimes names are hard to come up with. 

If you’ve recently brought home a cute little goldfish to be your new companion, you may be stuck on giving them a good name. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! (*)

Below, we’ve come up with some of the best names out there for goldfish. To find the perfect name for your pet goldfish, read on!

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Goldie Locks

Based on the famous fairytale, Goldie Locks makes a cute name for a goldfish. Though your fish doesn’t have actual locks of hair (hopefully), the term “Goldie” definitely gets the point across. 

If you have other fish in your goldfish’s tank, perhaps you can name them after the three bears. 


James Bond fans may be interested in naming their goldfish Goldfinger. Though Goldfinger was a villain, hopefully your new goldfish will be a friend and not a foe. 


If your goldfish is as gold as a pot of gold, you may want to name them Lucky. Lucky is also a great name for those who want their pet to bring them good luck!


If you love to compete, you know the joy in earning a gold medal. Winner is a cute, creative name for a goldfish that is just as gold as a first place medal. 

This name also works if you won your fish in a fair game. After all, they are the winner for getting you as their pet parent!


Is your goldfish an absolute angel? Consider the name Halo.

Halos are shiny and gold, just like your goldfish. This name works better for fish closer to gold shades than orange shades. 


Goldfish that are more gold than orange also have the option to be named Coin. Gold coins are shiny and smooth, just like your goldfish. 

They’re also round, so Coin is a good name if your goldfish is particularly rotund. 


Always worried about your goldfish jumping out of the water? Why not try the name Splash?

Splash is a fun name for goldfish of any sex, shape, or size. It’s best suited for goldfish with bubbly personalities who don’t mind, well, making a splash. 


Astronomy lovers will jump all over this name. Comet is a unique name for your goldfish regardless of what size or shape. 

The name Comet works especially well with goldfish that like to zip around their tanks as if its the night sky. This name is also great for fans of the 90s sitcom Full House, as the Tanner family’s dog was named Comet!


If your goldfish is more orange than gold, a name like Pumpkin will suit them well. Not only does it match their color, but it also points out just how cute they are. 

Plus, it can be used for both male and female goldfish. What’s not to love?


Cheddar is another name that’s great for goldfish that are more orange than gold. It’s also clever because of the famous Goldfish crackers, which are also cheddar in flavor. 

Just remember your fish isn’t actually a cracker. 


Goldfish with shimmery scales work well with names like Sunshine or Sunny. These names also work well if watching your goldfish swim around makes you feel warm inside. 

Sunshine often fits better for female goldfish, but Sunny is a great gender-neutral option. 


If you want a cute goldfish name that isn’t actually based on their color, consider the name Finley. Finley is a sweet name for a goldfish, especially if they have big fins. 

For a more feminine version of this name, try Finny. Though a greater pun would be Findy. 


Just like the golden-orange embers of a bonfire, your goldfish will glow. Goldfish of any shade fit well with a fiery name like Ember. 


If there’s one thing your goldfish knows how to do, it’s swim. Goldfish that never seem to stop moving around their tank would do well with a name like Swimmy. 


Got a bright orange goldfish? Consider the name Cheeto.

Just like the your goldfish, Cheetos are bright orange and are sure to put a smile on your face. 


Goldfish that always seem to be in a good mood are perfect for the name Peppy. Just remind your fish to put some pep in its… swim?


There are lots of name options out there for your goldfish, but above are some of the best. Hopefully, this good names for goldfish list helped you come up with a name for your new friend that you can now share with the world.

Let us know in the comments what you named your goldfish, especially if you picked a name on this list. If you have questions about your goldfish, feel free to ask them below – we may pick your question to write about next!

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