Mosaic Axolotl: The Complete Guide To Care Your Aquarium Pet


As you probably already know, axolotls are rare, unusual exotic pets that are common among pet keepers. However, what’s not so common is mosaic axolotl. 

One may think that mosaic axolotls are different from other salamanders in the group, but they are not so different. The major differences are in how they look and their body makeup.

Originally, mosaic axolotls and other morphs in the group belonged in the wild, however, you’re more likely to see them in captivity; that is, as pets. Does that make them so easy to care for?

Keeping pets isn’t so complicated, but mosaic axolotls aren’t your regular. One wrong move could be dangerous for them, and other aquatic lives present in the tank.

However, the right guide can help you keep them safe. Check out some safekeeping tips for your mosaic axolotl and some other bits.

Mosaic Axolotls Overview


Mosaic axolotls are a rare salamander type. They are not exactly a natural breed but a result of a wild type and leucistic morph that spreads across their body. 

Also, they usually have black and white colors on their bodies and can sometimes have a touch of gold on them. Their gills usually have stripes of red and purple colors with multi-colored eyes.

If you’re looking for really beautiful axolotls in your tank, the mosaic breeds are probably your best choice. However, breeding them isn’t easy because they’re not naturally made, and if you try, you probably won’t succeed in doing so. 

Additionally, they are a combination of black melanoid and white albino parents. Therefore, their color is usually a mixture of both parents

Since this hardly happens except through deliberate action, there aren’t so many of them. 

Why Are They Rare?

Getting mosaic axolotls in pet shops can be difficult because these breeds are not so common. They are different from the pink, black, gray, and white types that you are used to.

Since they are a mixture of different parents, it’s hard to produce so many of them. Moreover, they are not usually sold, and if you find one, it’s probably by chance. 

This is why caring for them is important, because if you make any mistake, it may be difficult for you to find another to replace them in your tank.

Although they are not so different from others, and there isn’t anything special about their care, the fact remains that they are rare, and you need to preserve them. In addition, there’s a small chance of a mosaic axolotl birthing another. 

This is because many of them are infertile since they are a result of joining two cells together. If you want to make more of them, you would need to try crossbreeding the leucistic and wild types, and there’s no assurance of success because they may not survive.

Are Mosaic Axolotls Good Pets?

Undoubtedly, mosaic axolotls are good pets, and you’ll experience little or no difficulties when you keep them in your home aquarium. They are beautiful and will look good in your tank, as they’re hardy pets and reenigmaquire little caring effort.

These axolotls can live their whole lifespan (15 to 20 years) in your aquarium without issues if you care for them well. One might think that since they are rare, caring for them requires extra or special efforts, but it is not so.

What makes them good pets to keep?

  • They can survive well on their own. They hardly get bored or stressed by being alone. In fact, you can keep them solo in the tank without a mate, and they will do just okay, and they are much better off alone in the aquarium.
  • Mosaic axolotls are rare, beautiful, unique, and a good source of attraction and discussion topic for your guests when they visit. You can even brag about the beautiful little creature in your home.
  • They are easy to care for and will live long, provided that the water parameters are not tough on them.
  • They are friendly and affectionate, making it easy for you to bond well with them. However, they don’t like people touching them. 

How Big Do They Grow?

Salamanders generally grow between 10 to 18 inches, which applies to axolotls. However, mosaic axolotls are quite different when it comes to their growth.

They, on the other hand, grow between 7 and 9 inches. That’s okay for a 20-gallon tank with or without mates. Apart from their length, they don’t grow that big either.

They usually weigh between 5 and 12 ounces, but they could grow bigger than that sometimes. For your mosaic axolotl to grow at the normal length and weight, you need to ensure the water quality and food are good for them.

Additionally, the gender of your pet matters as well. For example, female axolotls usually tend to be heavier than males. On the other hand, the male axolotls are usually longer than the females, and they have deeper vertical grooves and larger vents on their bodies.

Well, how long does it take for them to grow up to that length and weight? Oftentimes, you’re likely to get a baby axolotl that’ll grow into a big one. The good thing is that mosaic axolotls are not fast-growing pets.

It can take up to two years for them to grow to their full size, which could be good or bad, depending on your preference. It’d be better to also chip it in that they have regenerative abilities.

That means they can regrow some parts of their bodies, so they don’t stop growing till they die. These axolotls grow their limbs and brain, but not their head.

Tips On Keeping Mosaic Axolotls Pets Successfully


Mosaic axolotls require delicate care if you want them to live for a long time. Since they are rare, you’re unlikely to find them easily in pet shops, so you need to do a bit of extra work when you get them.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping mosaic axolotls:

  • Read about them before keeping

After deciding on keeping mosaic axolotl as a pet, the first thing you should do is research them. Since they are not so common, it’s possible you know little about them.

You can tell if you can handle all that concerns caring for them from your research. 

  1. Can you deal with routine water changes? 
  2. Do you know how to care for them when they’re sick?

You need to answer these questions before entering a pet shop to look for a mosaic axolotl. 

  • Check if they’re legal

Keeping exotic pets in some areas is illegal, and your state or area may fall within the restrictions. Of course, you want to stay out of trouble. Therefore, you need to confirm whether it’s okay to keep mosaic axolotls before buying.

  • Take sharp objects out of the tank

Mosaic axolotls have delicate skins and can get hurt easily. This is why you need to remove sharp objects from their tanks.

Before placing anything in the aquarium, you need to check for pointed sides, smoothen or remove the objects before placing your mosaic axolotl in the tank or avoid putting them in there at all. For example, you shouldn’t use any other substrate besides fine sand in their tanks.

Also, you should be picky about the decorations you use in their tanks because the wrong ones can pierce their body and inflict injury on them.

  • Get their diet right

Mosaic axolotls are salamanders, and originally, they were carnivores. So, you need to give them meat-based food, including bloodworms, live nightcrawlers, red wigglers, small fish, lean beef heart, Mysis shrimps, frozen brines, and meat-based pellets.

Don’t give them vegetarian food because they won’t eat them. Also, you don’t need to overfeed them; you should feed your baby mosaic axolotls at least once daily, while you can feed the adult ones twice to thrice weekly, and they will be fine.

This will help prevent choking or other digestive system problems in mosaic axolotls.

  • Tank conditions

The tank conditions have to be right. Their aquarium needs to be similar to their natural habitat in Lake Xochimilco in Mexico, so try to get the water conditions and quality right.

Also, their tank needs the right filter to help maintain a clean tank. You should consider the appropriate lighting and heating system to match their body system.  

Ensure you keep the water pH at 7.5, the temperature between 60° and 65° F, and low water currents. 

  • Keep tank clean

Maintaining a clean habitat is necessary for every living organism to grow and thrive, and mosaic axolotls are not an exemption. You need to protect them from ammonia and other conditions that can make them sick.

Ensure you remove their waste and leftovers from their tank as soon as you notice them in there. In addition, you need to carry out routine tank maintenance so your mosaic axolotls can live in a clean habitat.

You also need to check water conditions at selected intervals to ensure that the temperature and pH are right.

  • Choose the right tank mate

As mentioned earlier, mosaic axolotls will thrive well on their own, and keeping them alone in their tanks is probably the best option for them. However, if you must keep them with other aquatic life, they need to be the right ones.

Don’t keep them with animals that will prey on them and vice versa. Also, tiny animals are not good for adult mosaic axolotls because they can swallow them.

On the contrary, you can keep them with other axolotls, guppy fish, shrimps, snails, etc.

Where Can I Buy A Mosaic Axolotl?

Mosaic axolotls are rare, so buying them can be a bit difficult. It may take time before you find them, whether online or offline. Hardly would you find any breeder who wants to sell a mosaic axolotl.

However, if you truly want them, then you need to be on the alert for any auction. If you find any sales, you have better grab the opportunity, or you would need to wait a longer period to find them.

You can start by checking any online or offline pet stores or breeders you see. Get ready to pay a higher price because they are unusual variants.

Can Beginners Keep Mosaic Axolotls As Pets?

Most times, keeping rare exotic animals as pets isn’t the best idea for beginners. However, you can keep mosaic axolotls as a beginner if you’re ready and sure to meet all their needs.

Keeping them can get challenging with time, but if you follow the tips shared in this article, you should do just fine. However, we advise that you get some experience in fishkeeping before keeping a mosaic axolotl.

It prepares you for any inconvenience keeping mosaic axolotls can cause you. If you go ahead and keep these axolotls, ensure you monitor them at intervals and contact a vet if you notice that any health situation is beyond your control.

Is There An Alternative To Mosaic Axolotls?

Mosaic axolotls are great pets to keep, and they are easy to care for. However, they are rare and not so easy to get. After scouring different pet shops, online and offline, without finding, you would need to consider other options.

Another alternative to mosaic axolotls is other breeds. You can keep the popular ones and need not worry about finding them in stores.

And if you prefer special and rare breeds, you can get enigma, piebald, and chimera axolotls. Other axolotls options are black melanoid, white albino, lavender, firefly, wildtype, and copper.

Otherwise, you can keep other aquatic life, like fish.


Mosaic axolotls are some of the rare axolotls’ types, so keeping them requires some extra work and finance. 

Before getting one for your home aquarium, you need to do a vast amount of research on them so you can do your best in caring for them.

The most important thing is the tank requirements, food, and tank maintenance. 

When you take care of all of that, the rest is history. And if you’re not ready to keep them, there are other options you can go for.

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