Unique Axolotls Names For Your Pet


As you know, axolotls are special pets and salamanders that are only recently becoming popular exotic pets among pet lovers. And when people get pets, it’s only right they give them special, funny, cute or any name they feel is perfect.

Naming your pet can be easy if you already know what name to give it before bringing it home. You’d agree that axolotls are smiley, beautiful, unique, and have features that can serve as name inspirations.

But it’s fine if you have no idea what to name your axolotl. We are here for you. We have many axolotls name suggestions for you, and you can pick the one you think best matches your pet’s personality and characteristics.

Read through to learn some unique names!

The History of Axolotls Names


Originally, axolotls got their name from Aztec settlers who stayed in the valley of Mexico in the 13th century. When they settled there, they saw a big salamander living around the lake close to the island they built their capital, Tenochtitián.

They named this salamander axolotl after their god of fire and lighting, Xolotl, because they believed that it was he who transformed into the animal. He also changed into other stuff to protect himself from being sacrificed so that the sun and moon could move into the sky.

However, he was eventually captured and killed. During that period, too, the Aztecs killed axolotls for food which is still common today in Mexico. The origin of their name seems cool, but once they become your pet, you’d want to give them a name more personal to you and not general.

Check out some nice name suggestions.

Names of Male Axolotls

If you have a male axolotl, you need to give it a masculine name that best suits its gender. Now, you may be tempted to give your axolotl a random or common name, but here are some unique suggestions for you:

  • Sparky:

This name’s meaning is associated with liveliness, animation, industriousness, lovely, strong-willed, friendship, companionship, and other nice attributes. It’s such a fine name for your axolotl.

  • Stone:

Stones can be in any form, from gemstones to rocks, minerals, metals, and more. Stones are beautiful and special, and they could be what your pet means or shows. And thankfully, the name is masculine.

  • Benji:

Benji is a short form of a Hebrew name, Benjamin, and a popular pet name. It’s often associated with intelligence, good nature, companionship, love, and diligence. It’s a cool masculine name for your axolotl.

  • Jerry:

Jerry is another common pet name befitting for your male axolotl. People associate the name with courage, intelligence, and companionship. Sounds cool!

  • Freddy:

Freddy is an old name, but it’s befitting for a male axolotl. It means “peaceful ruler,” and you can already tell that you won’t have a tough time caring for him.

  • Simba:

If you’re a fan of “Lion King,” you would agree that Simba is a cute male name. The name is legendary and means lion and strength. It’s also associated with power, bravery, love, companionship, and empathy.

  • Thor:

Thor is the legendary god of thunder, and it’s a masculine pet name for your axolotl. It portrays strength, loyalty, bravery, and love.

  • Riley:

A cool name of Irish origin, which means courageous, is befitting for your male pet axolotl.

Names of Female Axolotls

Since you’ve got a name for your male axolotl, it’s only right you do the same for your female pet. Here are some nice names for her:

  • Elsa:

Elsa has Hebrew origins as the short form of Elizabeth. The name has been popular for a while, and if you’re a Frozen fan and love the character, you might want to name your axolotl Elsa. It’s associated with loyalty, affection, love, intelligence, and companionship.

  • Mia:

Mia is a common name and shortened from different names, mostly Maria. It means “Ocean Goddess” or “Queen” and other special meanings. Since it’s associated with water, somehow, you can call your axolotl Mia.

  • Lily:

If your female axolotl is pure and white, then Lily is such a befitting name because it’s often associated with purity. It means your pet has a pure heart, which is a good thing.

  • Mandy:

Mandy means loveable, and it can help you connect well to your axolotl. It also signifies that they’ll be a good, loving companion.

  • Luna:

Luna signifies the moon and could mean that your pet is full of energy and bright. You can give this name to your very colorful pet that looks pretty.

  • Fiona:

This is a nice name for a fair, white, and beautiful axolotl. It gives off a good nature and loving vibe that fits your pretty pet.

  • Coco:

A cute name and short form for chocolate bean or chocolate. You can name your axolotl coco if you think she’s adorable coz the name does sound that way!

  • Nala:

If you have a Simba already, then Nala might be befitting for his female companion. The name originated from Africa and from the Disney movie “Lion King.” The name means successful, courageous, brave, and loving.

Gender-neutral Axolotls Names

You may feel you don’t want any gender-specific name for your pet, and that’s okay. Here are some gender-neutral names you should consider:

  • Sparrow:

If your axolotl is very active in its tanks, Sparrow may be suitable because it signifies someone chirpy. It’s not gender-specific, and it’s a fun name!

  • Bingo:

Bingo is very common. Even though it sounds more masculine, it’s a suitable axolotl name for both genders, especially because of its meaning. It means a strong-willed, loving, loyal companion.

  • Harper:

Harper has Scottish, Irish, and English origin, and it’s a nice pet name. It’s often associated with strong will, good nature, love, intelligence, affection, and companionship.

  • Reese:

Reese is gender-neutral and of Welsh origin. It means passion and enthusiasm, which is cool, especially if you’re so enthusiastic about keeping your axolotl.

Cute Names For Axolotls Pet

Do you think your axolotl is cute and needs names that fit? These are some really cute names for your pet:

  • Axie:

It’s nice and a short form for axolotl. Axie sounds really simple, nice, suitable, and befitting, like it’s really made for the pet. Probably a first-choice name.

  • Pickle:

Pickle is a cute pet name, and not just for animals. It’s totally cute.

  • Neo:

Neo has Greek origin and signifies new beginnings and dawn, and it could be that if you see keeping axolotls as a new beginning. It’s a meaningful name if you think about it.

  • Mochi:

Mochi originates from Japanese rice cake. We think it’s a sweet and cute axolotl name.

  • Aquaman:

Aquaman sounds nice considering it’s associated with water, which axolotls are from. It’s even cuter because it’s a legendary name.

Funny Axolotls Name

Sometimes, you just want a funny pet name and none of those cute, meaningful, or serious names. You don’t have to think far; here are some suggestions:

  • Slim shady:

This originated from Eminem’s song, but this has nothing to do with it. It’s more of your axolotl being slim and small, but it just kind of fits.

  • Ariel:

Ariel is the famous Little Mermaid Disney story, and we think it’s a funny axolotl name.

  • James pond:

Remember James Bond? Yeah, but here, it’s James pond considering the “water” factor that axolotls are associated with.

  • Rainbow:

Rainbow is funny and meaningful with all those colors associated with it.

  • Mr flipper:

We think Mr. Flipper is funny and cool, especially if your pet dazzles you with some killer flipping moves in the tank.

Axolotls Names After Their Color

Axolotls are very colorful pets, and if you don’t feel up to the naming thing, one easy thing to do is to name them according to their color. Here are some nice ones:

  1. Lavender
  2. Goldy
  3. Cyan
  4. Onyx
  5. Amaranth
  6. Cobalt
  7. Copper
  8. Phlox
  9. Chimera

Axolotls Names Based On Their Aquatic Origin

Axolotls are aquatic animals, even though they’re amphibians. They spend all their lives in the water, so you can name them based on their association with aquatic life.

The following are some aquatic- and ocean-related terms that can serve as axolotls names:

  1. Orca
  2. Jelly
  3. Tetra
  4. Kelp
  5. Minnow
  6. Seadragon
  7. SpongeBob
  8. Kelp
  9. Sushi

Axolotls Names Based On Their Features

Axolotls have nice features that can serve as their names. From their smiley face to their salamander origin, sliminess, and other things. Check out these cool names:

  1. Smiley
  2. Bobble
  3. Sandy
  4. Sally Mander
  5. Grin
  6. Slimy

Whimsical Name Suggestions

Axolotls are so cool, unique, and beautiful that they could serve as legendary characters in a novel or mythological story. Hence, we think these whimsical names are suitable:

  • Zeus:

Remember Zeus from Greek mythology? It depicts beauty, loyalty, love, bravery, good nature, intelligence, and companionship. And the name has a nice ring to it.

  • Hades:

Hades is a fine name and of Greek origin.

  • Hercules:

Hercules is Zeus’ son in Greek myth, and it sounds nice. It also signifies loyalty, intelligence, and companionship.

  • Nymph:

Nymph is a beautiful mystical and mythical name befitting your axolotl.

  • Adonis:

It means good-looking. It’s a good match for your beautiful male axolotl.

  • Aphrodite:

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, meaning “born from sea foam.” It also signifies the power of attraction, and its connection to the water makes it suitable for your female axolotl.


There are many axolotl names options. Naming could be one of the easiest things to do, but it could become tasking if you want something different and unique. A little help here makes things easier.

With the many name options you’ve read, we hope you can choose a unique, special, or meaningful name for your pet. Happy naming!

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