15 Best Names for Purple Fish That You Might Never Heard Of!


Purple fish are adorable and often have personalities just as bright as they are. But a fish with such a bubbly personality also needs a bubbly name!

If you’ve just brought a purple fish home and are struggling to come up with the perfect name for it, we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve listed some of the best names out there to give your purple fish. Read on to learn more about these awesome purple fish names!

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Depending on your generation, you may be familiar with Barney the dinosaur. A popular TV character, Barney was known for his rich purple color and his green tummy. 

If you loved this television icon as a child, you may be inclined to name your purple fish after this equally-as-purple prehistoric friend. If your purple fish is in a community tank, you could even name it “Barney and Friends.”


Crystal lovers will love this name for their purple fish. Amethyst is a purple semiprecious stone and is widely known as the birthstone for people born in February.

If you got your fish in February, Amethyst is certainly the perfect name for it. However, it can also be great for purple fish with shimmery scales, just as shiny as a real amethyst reflecting in the sunlight. (*)


Want something simple but effective? The name Grape can get the job done.

This silly but simple name is great for round purple fish that resemble their namesake fruit. For an added twist, consider similar fruit names for your other fish in the tank to create an entire fruit basket. 


Is your fish bubbly? Do you want a name for them that just pops?

Consider Fanta! Based on the famous grape Fanta soda, this name is perfect for a purple fish with a bit of pizazz. 


Obvious, we know. But Violet can be the perfect cute but simple name for your purple fish.

Violet especially works as a name if your fish is lighter in color, similar to the light shade of these famous purple flowers.


If you want a flower-related name that isn’t violet, why not go with lavender? Lavender is light purple and is known for its calming effects when used in sprays and lotions.

Owners that feel relaxed watching their fish swim around may decide lavender is the perfect name for their purple fish. On the other hand, it also works for purple fish that are laid back in personality. 

Go with lavender if you have a particularly zen fish. 


Dark purple fish go great with the name Plum. Plum is perfect for fish that are round and have deep purple shades. 

This name is also great for purple fish that have pink undertones. If your fish is as sweet as a plum tastes, this name will work well for them. 


We hope you’re not tired of the flower names yet. But if you are, consider this twist on a classic.

Instead of naming your purple fish lilac, what if you shortened it to Lila? A seemingly innocent name, but based on a sweet-smelling purple flower. 

Since this name is feminine, you’ll likely want to use it for a female fish. Though we won’t judge you if you use it for a male, too. 


Are you a fan of Prince? Why not name your fish after him?

Prince was known for his many purple outfits as well as his film and album “Purple Rain.” If you want to name your purple fish after a musical icon, Prince is certainly the best fit for it. 


Pokemon fans unite! Ditto can be an adorable name for your purple fish, especially if they’re light purple like the Pokemon Ditto. 

However, you can technically use this name with any shade of purple fish, considering how Ditto can transform. 


Marvel fans will be partial to this name. Though Thanos was technically a villain, pop culture made a big deal out of Thanos as a character.

Between the films and the memes, Thanos is known for his large size and purple color. If you’ve got a giant purple fish, Thanos makes a hilarious and fitting name for them. 

Don’t worry – your fish doesn’t have thumbs to snap you out of existence. 


Though the name Kiki isn’t specific to the color purple, it’s a quirky name that works best with unique fish colors including purple. In fact, Kiki is frequently used for children’s toys and characters that are the color purple. 


A twist on the color purple, Magenta can be a great choice for a fish that has pink undertones. Since magenta as a color is known for its pinkish-purple hue, it doesn’t work well for fish that are darker purple shades. 

This is also a great name for families with children, since Magenta is also the name of the pinkish-purple puppy in the beloved kid’s show Blues Clues. 


No, not Perry the Platypus. Though that would be a valid name for a green or blue fish.

Perry makes a great name for purple fish if you don’t want to name them Periwinkle. Since Perry is short for periwinkle, this name works best for fish that are lighter in color. 

Though you could still use it for darker purple fish, since it does flow well since it starts with a P. 


Fish owners that love this sweet summer beverage will be inclined to name their purple fish Sangria. Sangria is an alcoholic beverage known for its iconic reddish-purple hue thanks to the many fruits it contains. 

Sangria is a fun, unique name for reddish-purple fish that just love to have fun. 


If you were stumped on a name for your purple fish before, you shouldn’t be stumped now. Let us know which of these names was your favorite below.

Feel free to let us know what you named your purple fish in the comment section. While you’re at it, leave any questions you have about your fish below too. 

You never know, we may write about your question next!

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