Name for a Yellow Fish List + Meaning (#9 IS HAPPY AND JOYFUL!)

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Naming your fish can be tough work. With so many options, how do you choose? If you just brought a cute yellow fish home, you may be searching for some name-spiration. No worries, we got you covered!

Below, we’ll go over 15 perfect names for your yellow fish. Read on to find the perfect name for your new fishy friend!

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Lightning is a great name for yellow fish that have some speed in their fins. Small, quick yellow fish that zip around your tank in the blink of an eye are perfect for the name lightning. 

You may also consider this name if your fish has a stripe or flash of yellow on their bodies, rather than being entirely yellow. 


If your fish brightens your day, what better name than sunshine? Sunshine is a great name for a bright yellow fish, or a fish that has long, wispy fins reminiscent of the sun’s rays. (*)


Is your yellow fish particularly round? You may want to consider the name Lemon if it is! 

Lemons are bright yellow and are known for their dynamic flavors and uses. This makes a great name for fish with zesty personalities.

Potato Chip

If you want a humorous name, consider Potato Chip. This name is great for soft yellow fish with flat bodies – just like a potato chip. 

Just make sure you put your new fish with friendly tank mates so it doesn’t become a real potato chip. 


Yellow fish with sweet personalities may be suited for the name Honey. Because real honey comes in many shades, this name works well for many different species of yellow fish. 

If you’ve got two yellow fish, “Pooh” makes a great companion name to Honey (and he’s yellow too, so it’s a win-win!).


Fish owners with a green thumb may like a name such as Buttercup. Small, bright yellow fish can easily evoke the mental image of this beautiful little flower. 

Want something floral but not a fan of buttercups? Consider “Dandy” below! 


If your goofy yellow fish is as yellow as a banana, you might be keen to name your fish Nana. This is also a great choice for fish that are long and skinny, just like the fruit of their namesake.

This is also a clever choice if your fish is always “going bananas” as they zip around your tank. 

If you go this route, consider other fruit-related names for other fish in your tank for a whole fruit basket!


Finding Nemo is a fan-favorite Pixar flick for obvious reasons. But do you remember the yellow tang Nemo met in the fish tank?

Hint: He was always screaming “bubbles!”

True to his name, Bubbles was obsessed with bubbles. If you have a yellow tang, Bubbles makes a great name in honor of this fun character. 


Before they turn dusty, bright yellow dandelions can be seen sprinkled throughout your backyard. Rather than naming your fish Dandelion, shortening it to “Dandy” is a cute way to reference their bright color. 

Dandy also works because it can be used to describe someone who is happy or joyful. If you have a fish with a sweet personality, Dandy is a great choice for them too!


No, not like an X-ray or stingray. 

Ray is a great name for a yellow fish because of its subtlety. Though Ray is a normal name for people and animals, it also references the rays of the sun. 

If your fish is as bright yellow as the sun, consider the name Ray. 


If the sun isn’t your thing, perhaps the night sky is. The moon and stars often have a yellow hue as you look at them in the black sky. 

Fish with soft yellow colors can be named Star to represent that. Star is also a great name for fish with shimmery scales, as they twinkle just like the deep blue night sky.


Flame is a great masculine name for a yellow fish. Like the flickering tips of a flame, your fish will zip across your tank in a flash. 

This name is especially fitting if your fish has any red or orange portions on its body. 


Another name for your yellow fish could be Bee or Bumblebee. This name is best suited for yellow fish with black stripes, though it can be used with any yellow or striped fish.

Consider the shape of your fish as well. Round fish may look more similar to bumblebees, while fish with sharp tails may resemble bees with stingers. 

Regardless of your choice, remember that your bee should stay in water and not in the air. 


Looking for a quirky name for your deep yellow fish? Make a statement with the name Dijon!

Yes, like dijon mustard. We’re sure it’ll appeal to at least some of you out there. 

Dijon is definitely a unique name and is sure to make all your friends chuckle. It’s perfect for deep or dark yellow fish, which is special compared to the other names on this list better suited for bright yellow fish. 


Fish owners who are also Pokemon fans will turn to this name quickly. Pikachu is the perfect name for a zany yellow fish owned by someone who wants to catch ‘em all. 

If you want to take it even further, you can consider getting yourself a Pikachu Nudibranch. This is a unique species of sea slug that highly resembles the loveable Pikachu!

They’re difficult to keep in captivity due to their unique care needs, but they’re adorable to observe if you manage to make it work. 


There are a lot of unique names for yellow fish out there. If you’re completely stuck, hopefully this list helped to inspire you!

Let us know what your yellow fish’s name is below, and feel free to suggest additional names as well.

If you have any questions about your fish, ask in the comments – we may write about your question next!

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