What Do Bamboo Shrimp Eat? (4 of The Best Food)

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Looking for a unique, easy-to-care-for freshwater pet? Look no further than the bamboo shrimp!

Bamboo shrimp reach about two to three inches in length and have average lifespans of around two years. They’re fun to watch and are peaceful, so they make great tank mates for lots of other freshwater creatures.

If you’re interested in raising some bamboo shrimp, you’ll have to research how to care for them. This includes figuring out what bamboo shrimp like to eat.

Some of the best foods for bamboo shrimp include:

  • Algae
  • Shrimp food pellets
  • Baby brine shrimp
  • Fish food flakes

To learn more about bamboo shrimp and how to feed them, read on!

Bamboo Shrimp Care:

As mentioned previously, bamboo shrimp are peaceful creatures with easy care requirements. They’re originally from Southeast Asia and come in shades of brown and red with white stripes down their backs.

Sometimes aquarium hobbyists get a bit confused with this shrimp species because it has several other nicknames in the trade. The bamboo shrimp has also been called the Singapore shrimp, wood shrimp, flower shrimp, and fan shrimp before.

Part of this confusion likely stems from the fact that bamboo shrimp aren’t always seen as pets. In fact, they are often eaten in their home region of Southeast Asia. 

Bamboo shrimp like lots of plants in their tanks so they can climb, hide, and even snack on any algae that grows on them. 

Finally, you should keep in mind that bamboo shrimp are filter feeders, which means that they filter the water around them to collect food. This means feeding your bamboo shrimp is often a simple process as they mostly eat small organic matter that can be tough to see at times. 

You may not be able to see your shrimp eating because of this. Unless you notice your shrimp are becoming sick or dying, rest assured that they’re finding the nutrients they need throughout your tank. 

Bamboo Shrimp Favorite Foods

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Bamboo shrimp are simple creatures that have few foods they can regularly eat. Take a look at the below list of what to feed bamboo shrimp

1. Algae

image of Algae

One of the main things bamboo shrimp eat regularly is algae. This is an easy food to provide for your bamboo shrimp since algae often grow naturally within your tank.

Aquarium plants are a great addition to your bamboo shrimp tank because algae can grow on their leaves. Bamboo shrimp can then climb the plants to passively eat the algae off of them.

These shrimp may also snack on algae along your substrate, depending on the type of substrate you have. This species can help keep your tank clean between water changes. 

One thing to keep in mind is that algae can sometimes be enough to feed your bamboo shrimp alone. This means that if you have enough aquarium plants, you may not need to feed your bamboo shrimp manually at all!

If you plan to have lots of bamboo shrimp or notice there isn’t enough food for them, you can always get some algae powder for your tank. 

2. Shrimp Food Pellets

image of Shrimp Food Pellets

If algae doesn’t cut it for all of your bamboo shrimp, you can always get them some shrimp food pellets.

Shrimp food pellets contain the nutrients shrimp need to grow and thrive and are heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the tank where your shrimp are. 

Keep in mind that these pellets may need a moment to sink and soften before your shrimp can begin to munch on them. However, they should be able to get to feasting in just a few minutes.

Remember not to feed your bamboo shrimp too many pellets, as this can dirty your water with residue and nitrates, which can be harmful to your shrimp. 

3. Baby Brine Shrimp

image of Baby Brine Shrimp

Though it sounds wrong, bamboo shrimp also enjoy snacking on baby brine shrimp. Baby brine shrimp are tiny and can be easily consumed by your filter feeders. 

Often, baby brine shrimp come in a jar and can be fed with a small spoon.

Depending on the type you get, make sure to refrigerate them after opening as they may be perishable if not freeze-dried.

4. Fish Food Flakes

image of Fish Food Flakes

Finally, fish food flakes make a great alternative to shrimp food pellets.

Though they will need some time to sink to the bottom, they often have many of the same nutrients in shrimp pellets.

We recommend you should not to add too many flakes, as this can make your water dirty over time.  

Final Thoughts – What Do Bamboo Shrimp Eat?

Now, you know just what to feed your bamboo shrimp to keep them happy and healthy. We suggest that anything you give them must be small and fairly easy to eat, so don’t plan to give them anything too big or complex!

If you’ve ever raised bamboo shrimp before, tell us about your experience in the comments. If you have other questions about your home aquarium, leave them down below and we may pick yours to write about next!

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