Cute Betta Fish Names (Including Male and Female)

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Betta fish make great pets. If you’re new to owning a betta fish, there’s lots of things you have to consider. (*)

Luckily, one of the easiest is coming up with your betta fish’s name. That doesn’t mean it happens in an instant, though.

If you’re struggling to come up with a name for your betta fish, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve come up with some of the cutest names out there for betta fish. 

To find the perfect name for your new friend, read on!

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Betta fish are known for their bright colors and beautiful, flowing fins. If you’re interested in names that are puns, you could consider the name Finley. 

There are lots of similar names to Finley that also play on the word fin, such as Finn or Finny. We’re sure your betta fish will love whichever variation you choose!


This name is perfect for betta fish that have a variety of shades rather than one solid color. For a cute twist on the name, consider Bowie!


As previously mentioned, betta fish are known for their bright, bold colors. So, why not name your betta fish Rainbow?

If your betta fish is a spark of joy in your life, consider the name Sparky. This unique, peppy name is perfect for betta fish with fun personalities. 


A pun on the name “betta,” consider naming your betta fish Alpha. This name works best for male betta fish as it tends to be a more masculine name. 


No, not like the Progressive girl. Though we wouldn’t blame you if you did want to name your fish after her.

Flo is a cute name that plays off the way your fish flows in their tank. This could refer to their long fins or even just how they swim through the water. 


Magic is another great name for betta fish with bright colors. Just make sure it doesn’t try to make its tank disappear. 


Those looking for a clever but silly name may like the name Sushi. Though you don’t want your betta fish to become real sushi, it does make a cute-sounding name!


Though healthy betta fish aren’t particularly slow or spooky, their sheet-like tails can evoke the image of ghosts! So, why not the name Ghost? 

Alternative names could be Boo or Spooky. Betta fish that are either navy or orange tend to work best for these names. 


If you have a moon tail betta fish, you may want to consider the name Luna. This is a sweet name that gives a subtle tribute to the species of betta you have. 

However, Luna works well for any type of betta fish. Light-colored bettas in dark tanks could work the name Luna well. 


Is your betta frequently zipping around its tank? Consider a unique name like Zag.

The next time you watch your betta zig-zag around the water, you’ll know the name fits perfectly. 


Red betta fish are some of the most beautiful bettas out there. So, why not name it after its color?

Ruby is a cute name that definitely references your betta’s color. This name also works well if you get your betta in July, which is the month of the ruby. 

Don’t like gemstones? Consider Scarlet instead. 


Your betta fish is a force of nature. At least, it certainly thinks it is. 

If you want your betta to have a powerful name, consider the name Tsunami. It’s certainly unique and will give your betta a bit of power behind it. 


Looking for a softer name? Consider the name Grace. 

Grace is soft, sweet, and perfect for your gentle betta fish. Though this name can be used for both male and female bettas, it’s often used the most in females. 


Though your betta fish probably isn’t built like a tank, it can still enjoy the name. Tank is a great name based on their living situation. 

Tank works best with male fish due to its masculine nature. If you want to make it more feminine, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Swim Shady

Last but certainly not least, those who are fans of Eminem (or just the memes) may be interested in naming their betta fish Swim Shady. Perfect, right?


Now that you’ve reached the end of the list, you should have at least an idea of what you want to name your new friend. We hope this list was helpful to you as you brainstorm the perfect name!

Let us know in the comments what you decided to name your betta fish, especially if you chose one of the names from the list above. If you have questions about your betta fish, feel free to ask those below too – we may pick yours to write about next!

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